Thursday, January 29


Tomorrow I meet potential tenants. We're showing the duplex to a number of people tomorrow night after a solid week of responses to the sign I put out at the end of the lot, as well as the ad I placed on I know the right person or family is out there to rent to. I am just reviewing what terms and conditions I wish to have as "house rules" such as no pets or pets? Will I allow live Xmas trees in the home (fire hazard)? Will I allow barbeques on the premises and if so, how close or far from the house? Yada yada. Interesting the amount of issues it brings up, this landlord tenant relationship. I can tell you that this is not what I want to be. That is an angry, controlling and unfortunate landlord LOL (although I believe it's a joke that was posted on all craigslists... or maybe it is for real, let's hope not) !! I can tell you that I do want to be reasonable and agreeable but will not allow myself to be walked on. I know that a few short months from now I will gain a better perspective on this in so many ways!
Wish me luck, guys!


Debbi said...

peace and blessings for this adventure to you, babe!

Beauty of Expression said...

The right people will come to you, and having the right tenants will make the experience that much more positive. I would wish you luck, but I know you are making your own luck..
Loves and Blessings.
PS. Breath....deep, slow breaths..