Tuesday, January 27

I'm totally loving this spider. Seriously. He has some good, good hair like pieces on him! I found him on funnyjunk. I'll obviously have to update my searches for good pictures. I used to have some great sources for weird and wonderful emails but sadly some of the sites have died out, or they make you download things now. Compfused is one that went south, but College Humor is still good and you can find some great pictures here and there. Sometimes you just need a good laugh!

Sharing some bugs around the workplace again. Either that or the cold snap has a bite. I have a nagging cough and all the signs of a cold but am working on it with hot water and lemon. I don't think it'll linger long.

I got a great email tonight on the topic of caring. Kerr Cuhulain is a [retired] police officer. Recently he worked a shift in Vancouver working 911 emergency. Late at night- near midnight- a call came in about a young Asian boy running in the streets in his pyjamas in bare feet looking for help. Some sort of domestic fight in his home and he was begging for help from strangers. Six witnesses saw or interacted with the child; nobody called 911. One lady finally did after mulling her interaction with the kid over on her way home. Seriously, what is that? Are we that disjointed and disconnected from other people that we would disregard someone -especially a 12 yr old child- in crisis?

Maybe you're wondering why I called it a great email after I told you the nature of it. It is great. It's great to know that people out there DO care. It's great that people say, hey- this isn't right. It's great that we stop and think about how we can impact someone else's life today, tomorrow, next week in a way that helps them when things are tough for them.

Remember that, will you?
Be that person for someone else.
Just care.

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Debbi said...

That's so wrong. It reminds me of a situation. I'll blog about it once my 'scheduled' posts are done.