Sunday, February 22

Okay I wasn't going to post this but I can't help it. You totally need to check out this dream I had.

Here we go:

I'm at a dock on a river and there are some huge sailboats there for pleasure cruises. I don't know if I was IN England or people were just English tourists but the ship that boards and leaves ahead of mine is full of people with the British accent. Sort of mostly young 20-30 somethings out for a nice afternoon cruise. Their boat goes out first, my ship follows. Our ship has people sitting on the top deck, watching the scenery. The other ship for some reason shortly after their departure everyone goes under deck into the galley and I can see them in the narrow windows enjoying glasses of champagne or something like that. They look like they're having a great social time schmoozing with each other. I can feel a great breeze which although a little cool is very refreshing. The banks of the river are treed, the water is kind of dark and I notice that it's really not that wide of a waterway- only about as wide as the Red River here in Winnipeg (or the Fraser near Agassiz). Ahead of our boats I can see many people on the water- jet skiiers, other smaller boats. About halfway down the river it curves. The other ship either hits something or veers off course. I see it's nose go up a bit and the whole boat wobble.... the rear takes on water and within seconds it slips slowly and easily under the water. For a moment the nose end bobs up and I see blonde hair against one window. I hear horrified screaming of people trapped inside, tumbling around. It slips back under the water, then the tail end comes back up. I see a brunette girl, soaked by water, lying face down and motionless on the rear deck and think omg a survivor. But the boat slips under again with her on it. Again I hear the screams. It disappears under the water and I hear bubbles coming to the surface and popping, every bubble releasing the sounds of screams. My boat still cruises on like it's on autopilot and I'm watching this whole scenario happen behind me. i don't see any people pop up to the surface, omg.. Then I think to myself omg where is OUR captain, and where are WE headed? Somehow I know he's under the deck piloting the vessel but I suddenly wonder if he can see all these other boaters. Shouldn't someone be sounding a horn that we're coming through?! We seem like we're on a direct, intentional, aggressive path right down the middle of this river.... I can see the other boaters out there are just floating around almost oblivious to us. We manage to avoid collisions but come close to one jet skiier and I think man, that horn would be handy right about now! As I see our destination coming up ahead I go below deck. Oddly there is no galley but a live aboard environment consisting of a living room-bedroom area. I see the windows have flags and not curtains and somehow I know that this is "required" for vessels to indicate where they are from. The couch on the right side has nice cushions; the bed on the left side is sloppily made and I feel the need to fix it. I start taking apart the bed. As I take off the top 2 layers I realize they're covering up muddy floorboards. That can't be good. I look out the window and see that we are docked, or at least stopped in a wooded area of the shore, at a very large, odd wooden deck covered in mud that the ship rests against.

So what's it all mean:
- The ship is a vehicle on water. My duplex and condo are vehicles to get me financially from one situation to another.This is a dream about fear manifesting (ya think?!)
- Risk is involved. I mean, do whatever floats your boat, but as lovely and healing and pleasurable as water is it can also be dangerous and even deadly. (note to self that investing in real estate won't kill me lol. Really the worst case scenario is I could drown in debt (ROFL!! And hey, I can always bail myself out. I mean truthfully I could go down with the ship here- that happens (LOL sorry, I seriously cant help it. I'm on a pun roll here...) Great, now all day I'm going to go around with my fingers in my mouth saying I WAS BORN ON A PIRATE SHIP... =)
- You can see that this is house related by the interior of my ship. But...
- Is my ship sea worthy? Are there any wet muddy floorboards underneath everything that I see?! What am I going to discover here? I guess I'll find out when i reach the shore. I'm almost there- after all, moving day is literally a week away. I'll be able to look at the duplex every day and see what muddy floorboards I discover, if any.
- If I take it even further I can say that those other boaters would be other home owners that do NOT invest in real estate with a direction and purpose like I am trying to do with my properties. Hence why they are out on the water, just enjoying themselves. As an investor I literally need to negotiate them to get where I'm going. (Damn, I'm good...!)

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