Saturday, February 21

6 Word Saturday

Condo For Rent, Furnished or Unfurnished
(I'm posting in six word sentences)

Apparently you can rent out condos. For months I hummed and hawed. Do I rent it or sell? Can I get what I need? Will the rent cover my costs? It appears that I indeed can. I looked up other rentals online. Most furnished places are quite costly! They average 1200 to 1500 monthly. I have extra furnishings to spare. Even unfurnished places go for 1100. That's exactly the amount I need. I figure wudev, let's list anyways. I'll know the response soon enough. Good news is it was renovated. Plus this is a secure building. People like security, updates and location. And this is a GREAT area. Worst case scenario I can sell. I put the ads online already. See how many calls I get.


Debbi said...

THIS WAS GREAT!!! I love it. you're hilarious!

~n~ said...

good work - on the condo ad, and on being able to write in 6 word sentences (wtf - am i missing something?! why 6 word sentences??? lol) anyways good work. all 'round. ;)

be glad you're there & not here tonight where the children are screeching... sometimes in joy, mostly in conflict. lol