Thursday, January 15

Winnipeggers Enjoying Tropical Heat Wave

Yeah, not so much.
-35 today WITHOUT the windchill factor, which dips us to feeling like -45. (Why am I here again?!) I was watching the Breakfast Television news this morning in bed. (A) The news anchor couldn't help giggling at Toronto's apparent need for the National Reserve to come in and help shovel snow. They also put out "low temperature warnings" to Torontonians that temperatures were at a shocking -20 (insert True Born and Bred Winnipeggers laughing here. People from BC? Hearing Toronto's pain and agreeing that ANYTHING IN THE NEGATIVE IS BAD, PEOPLE...) (B) Evidently Winnipeg tanning salons are raking it in!! Huge boom!! Personally in these temperatures I wouldn't so much as get in the booths to TAN so much as to stay in my clothes in an attempt to DEFROST. And yet what is TRULY amazing is that despite the lengthy, harsh winters Winnipeggers have problems LEAVING the city to move elsewhere. They all COME BACK to Winnipeg even after they attempt to leave... (Seriously, they do!) HUH?! I ... I don't see it. I mean, I love it here for the 19 months, 15 days and 13 hours I've literally been here and all, despite everything. But for like, LIFE to live here? Voluntarily? For real!? Hmmm. I'll get back to you on that one.

I have to say the crap weather makes me less than sunshine and happiness. Yesterday, full on rage, all day, pretty well non stop. My horns were attached firmly to my head, sharpened, pointed and ready to stab anyone that looked at me the wrong way. I snorted, I stomped, I flounced, I flung articles of clothing, I pouted, steam poured from my ears and it weren't just from the cold outside, neither. Oy. Rather than list the General Annoyances That Plagued me, I will simply say that it was not until I put my head on the pillow that I heard a teeny tiny little voice of reason and saw the dull light of common sense in my head. I heard the words, "you make your own reality". Luckily the Angry had left me by then, or I would've stomped the hell out that damned goody two shoes voice right frickin' there. SHADDAP! Lol.. No, at this point I recognized clearly that omg, all day I managed to piss MYSELF off, and who did that serve, anyways? Wow, I wasted today. I poured Angry Fuel on every little issue that came up during the day. Yes, I could've been sweet and accepting, had a positive attitude and enjoyed pleasant experiences and felt good about helping others. It's all about perspective.
But I prefer to light myself on fire. And wear horns. Sharp blaspehmous ones...
Because I'm a quick learner like that =)


Debbi said...

haha, that picture is awesome.

And the whole "state of emergency" for Toronto. How I wish you were kidding! lol I may also hail from BC, *kinda*, but SERIOUSLY!?!

Funny enough, I tried that "you make your own reality" head-space thing yesterday in my OWN rage, and yah, couldn't shake it. Thems the breaks. I suck.

debilyn said...

LOL...omigosh, are we sharing the same hormones right now? I posted about mine yesterday!

Thanks so much for the amazing comment you left on the post I wrote about my son...given the fact that I'm in full-swing PMS mode right now, I got a little choked up when I read what you wrote.

He's a great the kitchen making chocolate chip cookies as we speak....

Beauty of Expression said...

*Warm Huggs* from B.C. ;)
It sucks that you are so cold and frustrated. It sounds like you need a nice evening in a warm home..taking time to take care of yourself. You have so much fire in you ( little Aries joke), and you are always directing that energy out helping others...I think it is time to direct that energy in and warm yourself up...a nice warm bath, a book, some meditation...whatever balances out all that energy that is flying around in chaos.
Love you*

~n~ said...

LMAO right now b/c I, too, was on a serious warpath on Wednesday, too. Totally hormonal, and yes, that damn voice was saying "you're doing this to yourself, ya know" the whole time which only served as fuel to the fire in the moment... but somehow we all survived the evil wrath of ~n~. Laugh it off, laugh it off. Of course, that's easier done when it's above 0 and the sun is shining... :P