Monday, January 19

Ah, YES! Monday morning!! Woo HOOOOOO!! And a dayshift today hence the early blogpost.

Only a few days left until LOST reappears =P What a great show THAT is. I so missed it. I'll have to spend the next few evenings checking out the sneak peaks and reviewing the last episode for any sneaky little tips they put in...

Not an entirely exciting week ahead otherwise; for me it's time to do my monthly reports at work and explain various financial things and stuff. At home I'm pretty well doing the same as we start to dot i's and cross t's finalizing where we're going to live. Have to look for tenants asap for one side of the duplex and for the condo, since literally there's 6 weeks left to possession on March 1st.

Yes, Kel, warm and fuzzy time would be so so so good. I need some stay in pyjama days for REAL. Hardcore do-nothing days. Where I can plan out my vacations this year and dream about having more time off LOL!!! Good call, good call.. but for now, I will pick up my invisible briefcase, put on my Business Face (which means no makeup, just mascara...wink) and head to The Office where I can have some number crunch for breakfast. Mmmm, numbers...

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Beauty of Expression said...

You are hilarious..and a freak....which is part of why I love you! lol
Have a great day...and enjoy your yummy number breaky!