Tuesday, January 13


I've been mulling this over since last summer. I really want a new image (again) for this blog. Like some other online stalkers I know, I also hunt other blogs and "check out what dey got goin' on 'en all dat" (sorry, little Newfie went in there, I don't know where that came from LOL. I should've added a "lord tunderin Jayzus bie" at the end). I have to say I really, REALLY dig that top tab template layout that offers other "pages" to your blog. It neatly separates everything into categories, like Well Heeled and Miss 604 have so capably done. Admittedly these blogs have (I think) more focused topics as opposed to my seemingly endless ramblings about anything from real estate, finances, astrology, diet or just general jibber jabber about what's going on in my life for what that's worth. Well Heeled is a generally a finance blog and Miss604 is more about Podcasts, technology and general Lower Mainland things going on.
I think most people blog for the sake of talking out their journeys; at least that's my purpose. Gemini rising, what can I do about it =P Gemini is the communicator of the zodiac, n'est pas? (Actually funny side note about having verbal diarrhea.. My sister and I were in Vancouver years ago getting her signed up for the Cdn Forces Reserves. We were talking a mile a minute and very engaged in our conversation. This guy near us was apparently watching us (who she later dated actually, LOL) and attempting to listen to our conversation. When we paused for air he asked if we were speaking English!! ROFLMAO!!! TOO FUNNY! True story, true story... and hilarious sketch in that link =)
Enjoy your day, all! Til the morrow!


Debbi said...

hahah. I'm sure some of my conversations with my sisters are like that. That's awesome.

Beauty of Expression said...

You change yours and if it turns out good you can school me..;P

raerae said...

verbal diarrhea is a terrible disease.. haha :)