Monday, January 12

Welcome new bloggers to the Blogosphere!!

Must be January. Everyone is either talking about how to tighten the belt or tighten the purse strings. I just read this link that talks about 6 different ways to save up to 200 bucks a week. Some suggestions might work (for me) and some I already do. Take my lunch to work? Yep. Reduce a long commute? Nope- 4km is hardly far away (although I guess I could walk in the summer!) Don't eat out and skip frivolous spending (DUH). Reduce interest on your cards or debt (double duh). Know your credit score (which I do, but is good advice for those that don't) If you own a business, go find more business... *sigh* Whoever writes this stuff should write a weight loss advice column and tell people to put the fork down, know what I mean?!?! Phhht. Just common sense!... Which people just don't like to EXERCISE (either financially or physically LOL!!)
Really trying to get organized in every facet of my life. I picked up some sticky cork boards to put on the wall and 2 wipeable boards to write lists on. Big list writer. Must list things, otherwise I completely forget! I have always had THE worst short term memory, since birth. My mom would literally ask me to go downstairs to get a jar of peaches from the pantry and I'd get downstairs and suddenly wonder where I was going and for what again?! I do it STILL all the time. Terrible!
Now I try to use my cell phone camera to take shots of things if I can't write it down and probably should invest in one of those PDA's or maybe just bite it and get an iPhone since they do everything except cook dinner. I'm just always paranoid about the COSTS of accessing the internet or browsing or whatever on them. I try to REALLY keep the cell costs down and use it sparingly. I don't even text on it! I know, I know, for shame. Not like I can't type or don't like to =P I just don't want to PAY to type is all. My BF is trying to get me excited about a mini-laptop that's small enough to fit in my purse. This might work for me, honestly. Can you imagine how much more I would blog? How annoying for everyone else LOL!! =)

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Beauty of Expression said...

Post it notes.... That's all I am gonna
Now I am going to be picturing cork boards all over your newly painted

Debbi said...

I think that iPhones have an attachment so you CAN have dinner cooked for you! lol

Yah, I love those "lose weight the 'easy' way" columns that list taking a flight of stairs, or walking to work, or going for a walk during lunch, when really, all they have to say is 'get off your lazy arse once in a while'!!!