Thursday, January 1

How was your New Year's celebration?!

Mine was 100% family. Sister, husband and kids; brother, girlfriend and kids; mom and dad and me. Whole Family Unit together which is a unique experience in and of itself. We brought in 2009 with a glass of champagne just after midnight and my sister and I gabbed until the late morning hours which was so great. Everyone dispersed today, so it's just me and The Old Folks this evening hence a hardcore evening of Law And Order (*yawns*) =)

I'm two thirds of the way into Ask And It Is Given by Abraham-Hicks which is a really terrific read for Law of Attraction readers. I find it's really helping me recognize some poor behavioural and emotional patterns I have engaged in over the years and am now working on changing. In fact I've already BEEN working on it these past few months and can see, in RL, changes happening in my mindset and manifesting in various areas. Working on the LOA has definitely helped shape my intentions for the New Year. LOA teaches you to DO, BE and HAVE anything you desire. It goes without saying that I need to really be committed to time management in order to be extremely organized to work on all these aspects of Me this year. I have daily, weekly, monthly, a quarterly and a long term schedule to help guide me. Breaking it down like this creates smaller, more manageable "one foot in front of the other" goals along the way. This year I intend to do the following:

  1. Complete the purchase of the Duplex for March 1 possession and clean up/ establish some financial plans that go with this (that are already in the works). This is the First Step into real estate investing and will teach us so much about it. Just gotta DO IT and learn for ourselves... while of course using all the things that you've heard, read and learned from others. (This is the DO part) This goal certainly has long term implications hence the step by step planning process I've created.
  2. Continue to work on the LOA, do The Work by Byron Katie and implement what I learn on a daily basis. (This is the BE part) This means learning to tune in to positive and turn off the negative mental switch. Gonna be challenging work but very rewarding... Truly it comes down to general self discipline and a committment to Self, affecting your mental and emotional state, financial state, yada yada.
  3. Express myself creatively on a regular basis- paint, draw, doodle, sing, learn to play guitar, grow plants in the house... grow, grow, grow in every way! There's something about having things being CREATED around you, a form of personal EXPRESSION, and having green plants GROWING and FLOWERING around you that inspires your own growing and nurturing. (Another DO as well as BE)

Those are the Top Three areas that really encompass the smaller trivial goals. I always look forward to the Near Year and a fresh start. Love to hear what YOUR plans are and how YOUR celebrations went. Do comment and say your piece !

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