Wednesday, December 31

Happy New Year everyone!

I know in some areas of the world (like home, a few provinces over from where I am at right now) it is already 2009. Here it's still an hour away =)

So before the new year hits let me show you some shots of what we have celebrated here thus far from the Pender Island Lantern Festival. Sadly my HP camera was not performing at it's best this evening despite my best efforts to find the "right setting" for night-time viewing. But you'll get the gist. Performance art. Nuff said. But I had fun with it. When the crowd starting clapping to the music near the end I felt like being different, so I clapped purposely to the OFF beat. My dad started laughing and said, what are you, spastic?! Which made me do it louder and more prominently, staring at him while I did it and asking if I was off- am I off?!! Is it me or everyone else?! Well if he didn't piss himself laughing and try to walk away! But I followed him, just so everyone knew the idiot girl that doesn't have a sense of timing was with him =) I know- I'm good that way... ROFL!!!

Good trip out here, though. Quite humorous- I was reading the Law of Attraction on the plan and had to laugh at this... the stewardess comes down the aisle to serve beverages. I see a few people in other aisle seats with tomato juice and i think mmmm, tomato juice. Yes, please give me some! So she serves me and the whole time I'm totally savoring the yummy tomato goodness and REALLY enjoying it. I hear her ask the opposite seats what they want which is water and a coffee. She instead pours tomato juice to which they say hey, no, we didn't order that! I laughed to myself. I know it's partly because she just poured that for about 4 of us but I'd like to think that my "vibrations" that I put out about how fantastic tomato juice was helped out the situation =) At any rate I had a very lucky day travelling. The girl I sat next to on my initial flight from Wpg to Edmonton told me I could request a "sooner" Air Canada flight to connect me to Vancouver. My original ticket meant I had a 2 hour layover there so i eagerly approached an Edmonton Air Canada booth and asked, hey, can I get on the NEXT Vancouver flight instead? And yes, I could! In fact there was one seat left and we'll put you on standby for it. And yes, I got it!! Then I arrived in Vancouver earlier AND got an earlier ferry which means I got home earlier in the end. Still 12 hours of travelling but it would've been 14 so I'm VERY grateful for all the little things that went right yesterday getting here.

Have a fantastic New Year's wherever you are, whatever you're doing!

All the best, to EVERYONE!

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