Sunday, December 28

Oy. Air Canada cancelled most Vancouver flights on Xmas Eve and Xmas Day. Good thing I didn't end up taking my original plan of travelling ON Xmas Day to get to Van, which I thought would be cheaper. That would've sucked. Nineteen departing and 20 arriving flights were cancelled at the Edmonton International Airport Christmas Eve, leaving loads of people disappointed as severe storms continued to hammer the west coast. Boy, would I LOVE LOVE LUUUUURVE to travel more though. I dig airports, checking in, boarding the plane, and the TAKE OFF... omg take off is my FAVE-OH-RIT everrrrr!!! I so DIG the feeling of the jet engaging!!! It's like it walks down the tarmack a bit, then says to itself... oh, screw it, let's full out run like if someone is after us! And it freakin' BOLTS with a slight jerk into that hell-bent-for-election I'm-leaving-this-earth G-force action!!! Woooo-WEEEEE! HA!!!! OMG that's my favorite!!! =) Suddenly you're sideways, the wing looks like it will touch the ground and you get that stomach-in-your-feet feeling like an elevator heading down, finally hitting the floor you wanted. Oy, that feeling! HA! LOVE IT!!!!!... 'Course the food sucks badly and the roominess? Not so much. No elbow room at all and the seats recline I think 2 degrees. It's like they TAUNT you with the seats. Makes you think, hmmm... even Greyhound allows you more reclining room than this for God's sake. Perhaps at the risk of being seated next to a murderous freak, though... (I still feel so badly for that poor guy, Tim McLean. Wrong place, wrong time or was his life's purpose to send a message through his death? And if all our lives have purpose, then do all our deaths also? I say yes. Because we all affect others in life and death. Something to think about...)

At any rate I will have to keep checking about my flight status, especially tomorrow since I leave Tuesday, to ensure that everything is a go and is on-time. My flight is a JAZZ or TANGO or something, whatever that means. Probably means I get a 30g bag of cookies or something =P

So the Old Man wandered off today. And I mean Bob. I went to collect my laundry about 30 minutes ago and apparently my cat Bob snuck out behind me only to remain in the hallway until a neightbour knocked asking if this was my feline? Hmmm, yep. That's him- I own that one. He's old, a little senile (especially since the seizures over the past 5 yrs or so; I find his mental capacity diminishes every time he has one) and he likes to escape whenever he can. Unfortunately this time I didn't notice. *sigh*... bad feline parenting... =(

Last thing I will say is I used part of my Spa gift certificate yesterday and had my hair done and nails put back on. I feel a little bit more put together. My cats LOVE the nails; they get much better chin scratching with the gel enhancements LOL!!! Bob's eyes cross and he drools when he gets a good rubbing with those!


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