Saturday, January 3

Fun in the snow in BC!

Yup, weird to go from Winnipeg to BC and yet have the winter weather HERE of all places. But the territory lends itself to toboganning a wee bit better so we took full advantage and slid down the driveway, one at a time!

Staying a few days in the Upper Fraser Valley then heading home on Monday evening, which I look forward to. Nothing quite like being Home Sweet Home. My body is still a few hours behind and I find myself up ridiculously early and tired embarrassingly early also. Like now- I've had 2 cups of coffee but I could honestly crash within the next hour without any challenge. I refuse to adjust for less than a week's vacation; there's honestly no point...

I'll upload a few more pictures of my trip when I get home, especially of my nephew's birthday party tomorrow and Science World (if we go. Apparently we're expecting a few inches of snow and who knows what that means for the roads here...) TTYS !

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Debbi said...

looks fun. Weather or not, I miss BC.