Tuesday, January 6

Back from BC where some things have changed and so many things have not =P

Mischa turned 4 years old on Sunday and we celebrated his birthday with a visit to an extremely PACKED Science World, checking out water vortexes and spinning things on the floor... Wow, what a place!

My flight yesterday-slash-today turned into a red eye, leaving at midnight and getting in at just after 430am. It was delayed by FIVE HOURS which although disappointing I made the best of. I met a lovely young lady from Prince George who shared dinner with me while HER flight was delayed and we shared a few laughs while waiting for our air buses to get in. I called Westjet when I first recognized the delay and although they tried their best they were unable to get me on an alternate flight. However, I did get a travel credit for the value of my flight which was very generous of them.

So glad to be home... Still really tired and omg so much to do still in the last precious few days of vacation. Today is Rest Day, though, and I'm staying in my PJs and relaxing and uploading photos. A hundred thanks to Helen and George for allowing me to stay in their gorgeous Chilliwack home. They are GREAT hosts, and it was so much fun sliding down the driveway with everyone (and in my car LOL!!!.. freakin all seasons...) Although I confess nothing is better though than being HOME SWEET HOME after days of travelling. It's always nice to sleep in your own bed. Thanks everyone!

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