Thursday, December 4

Wow long time no write...

I *think* we own a duplex! We successfully bid on this one in a great area of Winnipeg a few days ago and are awaiting financing approval. The condo is NEARLY finished and should be ready to go to market next month, all spit polished with new floors, new cabinets, new countertops, new paint, new lighting, new everything. Ideally this should be a great step up from where we were and resell for good coin.

The duplex has excellent revenue and is in really great shape. One side (the left in this photo) has rented for 1300 plus utilities and the other half 1000. Our choice is to live in the 1000 side ourselves and complete the last of the work it requires while we rent out the side that has already had all the work done and virtually covers the mortgage payments. GREAT GREAT area of town. We will also have the option at any time of selling either half, should something horrifying happen financially (*knocks on wood). Move in date is Feb 1st which gives us time to sell the condo OR again worse case, sublet it out.

What else... new position at work- Administration Manager as of last month. Very different work; very challenging. I started a new business on the side also... I will be getting licenced in the next few months in insurance, learning about mutual funds and become qualified to broker mortgages. These are all things I look forward to learning and in the coming months I can see this blooming into a great home based side business. Excellent write offs and financial rewards in the long term. I've always read books about investing and now I look forward to applying what I have learned and will learn in practical terms. The cool thing about this is (a) I learn a lot that will benefit me and (b) it puts me in a situation where I can teach other people how to help themselves. So up my alley. Love that. Gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day =)


Debbi said...

such a cute duplex!!! really!!

whoissecretdubai said...
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Dreamweaver said...

Well done!!!!
You made it happen m'dear.