Monday, December 8

Alright. I have some consistent Brain Pain today despite a considerable consumption of Advil and caffeine. Through my fog I will write to you and hope it doesn't sound as stoned as a likely am =P

Could be the coming full moon this Friday but is everyone a crankypants or what?! I know I am. I sort of go in and out of this funk, like I'm bipolar or something. One day the sky is the limit and the next day I'm tying a noose around my neck! Maybe like this here cow I should try something different to allieviate it LOL...

So. It begins with The Duplex. Long term I would love to wiggle myself into much larger commercial real estate endeavors and I think it can be done with the right execution. Winnipeg, so they say, is THE place to seriously consider investing. Looking at the commercial investment opportunities (first with triplexes or four plexes and secondly at smaller apartment buildings) you can see affordable is the key word. Which is odd for someone who comes from Langley where residential houses sell for what, 500-600 thousand? Granted you require 25% down for commercial investments. But the ROI is fantastic. One step at a time, but I want to keep my eye on the prize.

2009 is only 23 days away, any thoughts about what next year holds? I know I have plenty on my plate for the New Year. The usual (health) and the unusual (where will this real estate path lead?) I think I will spend the next few weeks contemplating the ins and outs of such ideas. Perhaps everything will become crystal clear once I dive in, we shall see! And your plans for New Years??

Last thing I will blog about are The Voices (LOL!) Ever get those voices in your head? (And no this is NOT the medication speaking... I don't think...) But yno how when you're about to leave for the day a little voice says hey do you have everything? It's a voice like that. Well, lately I seem to have one speak at me when I'm in the kitchen. Rather hilarious. Actually the other day I was making eggs and was shaving some parmesano over it. And apparently I was being vicious about it because I literally heard my voice in my head YELL to shave it evenly and to take care with my food preparation LOL! It was SO LOUD that I actually was kind of startled LOL!!! I was like, what is this, I've conjured Emeril into my kitchen?! What the heck =P Apparently I have mental issues regarding shaved cheeses ROFL!

Your Moment of ZEN you have Someday Syndrome?


Debbi said...

First off- I think listening to those voices is a GOOD thing. You never know WHY they're saying what they're saying, but that 'stall' at the door to make sure you have everything-- could be just to stall you from the three seconds later you would have gotten T-boned at the intersection!?
Or the cheese..
well, the cheese is just wierd! lol

I think 2009 will be AWESOME! Think of what 2008 brought you that you now get to improve and carry into the New Year!!!

I'll be playing with Chris. That there is enough excitement in one sentence! LOL

oh, 2009. scary. Can't be THAT bad-- 2008 threw you and I a few curve balls, but we're still here and better for it!

~n~ said...

LMAO I *love* the voice yelling at you about your lack of zen with the cheese. I think I might've woken a child up laughing so hard. That's hilarious.

And I had no idea it was only 23 days (less now) 'til new years. I have been so focused on when is the other parent arriving in this house that I'd forgotten all else. LOL

and no i'm not a crankypants b/c of the full moon. it's pms baby.