Wednesday, December 10

I haven't seen in on TV this year yet, but one of my most favorite Christmas specials has GOT to be Miracle on 34th street... And It's A Wonderful Life. But I love Virginia and her begrudging little grumbly chant of "I believe, I believe, it's silly but I believe"... Trust me, Virginia, you and me both... Sometimes it's hard to believe! But Life is gooood and oddly, here I am reading all this week's astrological forecasts for Aries (my sun sign) and Gemini (my rising sign) and there's all sorts of boo-hiss about this coming full moon out there. However I actually have a chart specifically for me that I ordered online and who knew! I have all fireworks and stars in my horoscope this week! Weeeee!
Evidently this Friday to Saturday I have something about Venus conjunct Jupiter and Aquarius-Aquarius 9th-9th something?! (insert googly eyes here) No idea what that means. I'll have to learn more about Astrology to figure these things out. Apparently it means the diet is OFF those days LOL and being generous and enjoying social situations, yada yada ... See? All good...!

I'll just quickly follow this up with a dream I had 2 days ago. It was in the morning, right before I woke up and from a deep, deep sleep. I often have very visual, clear and colorful dreams. This one was of me doing a tarot reading for myself, and I was shuffling the cards. I started to flip out card after card after card of this one tarot card repeatedly. It looked like the Robin Wood Page of Wands but he had a robin's egg blue solid background and instead of holding a wand or staff, he held out a huge, gigantic sack FULL of pentacles. There were probably 5 or 6 cards exactly the same and then a robin's egg blue card showing a crowd of outlined heads, which ended the reading. Hmmm, 5 sacks of pentacles and a crowd of invisible people with blank faces? I'll have to research Crowd Pychology and see what I am telling myself.

Had some fun today playing the part of Apartment Building Janitor. I know, not the most glamorous of parts that I've played. But the garbage chute in this 23 floor building is apparently prone to some things getting stuck in it. We're on the 5th floor. I went to toss a few bags in the chute today and oddly, instead of hearing it tumble down the circular chute a few floors, instead I hear a THUMP! Like it landed a few feet away. I looked down and yes! There it was! Oddly suspended in there on top of a pile of more rubbage. Being the dutiful little idiot that I am, I trudged down a floor and opened that garbage chute. 100% blocked- there would be NO getting garbage in there. So I trucked down another floor. OMG! It's blocked too! How many floors of crap is stuck in there?!?! Anyways I head up to our apartment, unscrew the broom handle and roll up my sleeves. Why not? Let's go poke some garbage!! Woo HOO! LOL So anyhoo I head down to the 2nd floor thinking this MUST be the floor with the problem. I open the garbage chute and what the hell? It's TOTALLY clear! I poke my long broom handle stick in there and wave it upwards, figuring I would feel the bottom of this 3 story tall garbage pile. NOT A THING. Hmph. What the eff. I truck up to the 3rd floor again and inspect the stuffed crevace of garbage... Well wudev, let's poke it and see what happens. This might be exciting. I poke my stick in to the bottom of the pile and jab it. And again. And ag... HOLYMOTHEROFGOD! Three stories of garbage motor past my eyeballs down the chute! Weeeeee! LOL oh the fun I have, hey? Who else writes shit like this? Would I lie about this kind of fun? Hell no!!! =) Anyways Good Deed Done For The Day. I take my stick and head back to our place, Triumphant Champion Warrior Of The Garbage Chute... or something. =D i'm such a nerd...


Debbi said...

HAHAHAH. I love your tone in this blog! LOL.... pure joy.

The whole garbage thing-- maybe your dream was about saving the five floors of imminent doom of Garbage-back up!!!!!!! Let's go with that! (now you know why I don't read tarot cards-- I'm so incredibly accurate, hey? lol)

And so glad that my pissy mood is to blame on the full-moon. I like that much better than just being a bitch! ;)

~n~ said...

Wow. Now how come I never get to experience anything quite as exciting as poking around in the garbage chute with my broom handle?!?! Geez, it could've been a lot worse in a 23 story building. Still, fun, yes. No doubt it was lots of fun. Hats off to you, Good Deed Doer. ;)