Wednesday, October 15

Went and saw Tony Robbins today. It was CRAZY. Long freakin 8 hour day that started at 6am for me. I left the house before 630, got to the Convention Center at 6:45 and headed inside. I was already 6th in line. By 715 there were a few hundred people waiting and by 730 a few THOUSAND. The doors opened at 735am and I got a GREAT seat in the front row of the General Seating section, almost smack on center stage with plenty of leg room. Everything started at 830am with a total of 5 thousand in attendance by start time. Wow. That is a LOT of people- some from PLP and outlying areas. The MC was amazing (James Cunningham, comedian) Had me in stitches ALL DAY. And the various speakers and do check out their links here if you have time (Mitch Joel, Phil Town, Michael Lipkin, James Smith, Richard Dolan) were all fantastic speakers in their own rights and offered so much valuable information and insights. Mitch Joel I guess has attended a Costco Corporate event previously; at least that's what they mentioned. Got a little crazy when Robbins finally came on for the last 2 hours. Doing things like jumping up and down screaming like IDIOTS for 2 hours. And yelling at each other, we had to leap into the arms of people we didn't know like they were our long lost lovers. Omg. Somewhat odd although I know he was (a) trying to get some blood flowing to 5 thousand exhausted people and (b) trying to ENGAGE us. Can't imagine everyone feeling comfortable with this kind of event though. There are people who have a bubble of personal space that is as good as sacred to them. Then there are Marketers who are shameless self promoters who are fearless handshakers and networkers... ROFL!! You should see THEM in action, baby!! Lordy! I thought I was one of the worst, well hell no, some people there TAKE THE CAKE!!! =) Good that I went though, some good stuff to be learned. Lots to blog about but my spine is absolutely on fire from sitting in a folding chair for 8 hours while I scribbled eagerly on my lap what I learned from each speaker. Must lie horizontally with Rub A535 hot pads on me and rest. Will speak more when I am vertical.

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