Saturday, October 18

I've had a few days to digest my seminar experience. I feel the need to share what I got out of it!

Firstly, let me assess the structure of it. The MC and comedian was, again, fantastic. Throughout a very long day of varied speakers he kept things light. I was naive in that I did not expect to be marketed for other events and or books that the speakers were hocking. How I overlooked this obvious and implanted marketing genius, I don't know. I should have expected this. One stock market seminar we were invited to (that was a week away I should add) for the low, low price of $495 and another 3 day seminar on real estate (much more reasonably priced) at $99 for 3 days. No rush, it's only a week away, and the opportunity to sign up is now. People are standing by in the back of the room to sign you up for the next 20 minutes. Go, go, go!!! I stayed, stayed, stayed. Sorry, but I don't have $495. In fact, I paid $100 for my $220 ticket on because I'm broke, broke, broke. So sorry, sorry, sorry but I'm ain't coming, coming, coming!!!! LOL... But I will gladly read any of your books whenever I can retrieve them from our local library =)

Secondly, I personally would prefer a shorter 3 hour format. Giving up a full 8 hour day off is on the border of too much for me. A three day seminar, even if it is for $99, is still 3 days of my life. I would prefer to read a book or invest in a one on one meeting with someone about a particular subject as opposed to committing to a 3 day seminar with who knows how many others. Oy. I prefer smaller, more intimate groups where I can learn about the other people I am sharing the experience with. Like the meditation groups that I miss terribly at Aleesha's. That kind of setting works for me. I dig it. A sea of five thousand is somewhat excessive and very impersonal for me. I like personal; I really do! (Does it show at all? LOL...)

Lastly, I don't know what I expected from Tony Robbins but it was more depth and less cheerleading. I got more from some of the other speakers, sadly, than I did from the keynote personality who is widely noted for his wisdom and insight. His speech was limited to physiology and its relation to mental state. Okay, already, thanks for that tidbit. I recognize that. I was looking for more than this.... Then again, much of the information recited throughout the day was common sense, get-connected-with-your-Self psychology splattered with various opinions on "financial opportunities" that exist. Truthfully I have gotten more from what I have read lately, more from what I am DOING lately, more from my dreams and discussions with those in my inner circle than from this seminar. If anything I feel affirmation that I am doing right by myself with the plans I have in motion. Funny sidenote- I was just saying at work yesterday how things that I literally hear do little for me. I need to READ things to absorb them. Too bad I don't listen even to myself ROFL!!!!! That's hilarious....

No experience is ever a loss... I simply suggest that anyone can learn; it's a matter of finding the right format for those messages that you can hear best. I think I hear best from other sources. Having said this I had a lovely lunch with someone I met at the seminar that I would not otherwise have met. We found some common ground and had a lovely discussion about our spiritual beliefs that I think resonated for us both. My hundred dollars from Kijiji was well spent learning about her, learning about these seminars and their formats and learning about HOW I LEARN (which is by READING and WRITING apparently!!!!) !!!!

Dreams have been very creative lately. I have only snapshots in my mind now of the last one 2 nights ago. Something about me standing on an overpass with no traffic whatsoever (Lickman, if you must know) in the dark, and a girl (probably in her 20s) rollerblading up the overpass, sliding to a stop on her kneepads in front of me. Something about her training for a competition (? note to ambitious self that always needs to compete). Flash forward to me being in a clothing shop suddenly. Some dude who worked there (and I have to mention that he had his pant legs pulled up at different lengths with his socks likewise!!) was showing me around. I recall picking through some various clothes and somehow being made to feel or feeling like nothing fit (note to fragile fat ego). Flash forward again to an indian reservation on the oceanside during the daytime. I had collected various prizes and donations for a charity they had. I felt pleased and proud to offer them what I had collected and met with a young indian man to give them to him. We were on a wooden wharf and he drove down on a dirtbike that somehow morphed into a car and I remember feeling uneasy about the weight of the vehicle on the wooden wharf. But it held, although I could see the wood bending under the tires, and when he parked I gave him the prizes. We had a discussion about what I had for him, and I remember telling him how much I felt fulfilled by being able to do this. I really love getting donations for charity. Interesting that his vehicle grew. I wonder if I am saying that I can grow this vehicle to myself?? This is something I can make bigger(??) in my life...

When I woke up I remember thinking how cool it was to have this verbalized in my dream, that I like to fundraise and be philanthropic and charitable. How neat that I dreamed I had a discussion about something that I do enjoy, do derive fulfillment from. Something I need to think more about and incorporate more into my life as I go on. Far out, man. Far out indeed!

Ah, and in case you are thinking, what's up with the mint plant... This whole post, in one way or another, is about prosperity. It's about the giving and receiving process in it's many forms (okay except for the ambitious rollerblader and the clothing store part of the dream!). I would like to invite YOU to play the prosperity game. Click here; it is completely free. You have nothing to lose and all sorts of virtual money to gain! Try it and every day you will receive!

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Debbi said...

that part was funny funny funny when you wrote in triples triples triples. HA HA HA

listening to yourself is WAY more entertaining when yourself speaks back. Try getting in an argument with yourself in public-- people are REALLY comfortable around you! lol