Sunday, October 12

After reading Spiritual Business I find myself completely drawn to the principles written about in it. I've been digesting the book since finishing it, contemplating what I need to do and more recently putting it into practice. Kate did a fantastic job of explaining how we all possess the ability to succeed in Life and business. She suggests that we combine our Spirit Selves with our Business Selves, take a whole-istic approach to Life so we can learn the tools to manifest what we want and need. Her book delves into the power of intention, assessing our beliefs and values, creating our spaces that we work and live in, understanding and respecting lunar cycles and astrology, having personal and business integrity and so much more. I was truly inspired, can ya tell!!!

So I visited the Winnipeg Library for the first time since I got here. I signed up for a library card and took out the Law of Attraction by Michael Losiers (who's from BC, yay!) and the Power of Intention by Wayne Dyers (author of Your Sacred Self). Finished the Law of Attraction today and am just started on the latter. What spoke to me most in the Law of Attraction was the whole part about "the universe is unaware of the words DON'T, NOT and NO." Well crap, I do that a lot. Actually when I get in a funk I have this NEED to SHARE my trauma with OTHERS. Shit! Note to self- keep the whine in a bottle LOL!!! Dang! =)
Most of the time I am a pretty energetic, entertaining Being that enjoys bantering and being uplifting. But on the flip when it comes to my Self and how I treat ME, I can take that valuable energy, use it in ways that certainly do NOT benefit me, light myself on fire and run around screaming at people that omg I'm on fire!!... Nvm who did it, can't you see I'm on fire?!?! (ROFL because it's true and a HILARIOUS analogy!!!) Anyhoo, (a) I cannot be trusted with matches and (b) to quote the Law of Attraction, I am in the process of engaging in constructive behaviour. I've decided that I need to change in order for things to change and so much can happen in the next days, weeks and months!
I got a ticket to Tony Robbins. Yay me! And I paid half price. Someone was selling one online locally, I met her and bought the ticket. Wednesday I go. Here he is with his wife Bonnie Humphreys (of DW Poppy highschool by the way, so good for Bonnie. ...She came a long way from Mister Tenor's Grade 10 Social Studies class where I knew her!!) I believe Bonnie is now known as Sage Robbins, which is (pun intended) a very WISE name choice (nyuk nyuk!!) I'm only kidding, it's a lovely new name for her new life. Very much looking forward to the course. It's the first of it's kind I've ever taken and am looking forward to what I can learn from it. I'll let you know soon!!

Never seen the movie Batteries Not Included. John saw it listed on tv tonight and insisted we watch it. It was one of his mother's favorite movies. What a great flick! And what is it about? Do you remember? It's about a group of people who live in an old brick apartment block that's slated for demolition and are being evicted. Each of them have a story. They all need help... well, a miracle actually, and each are in desperate need of some Higher Power to help them out of their current situation. Collectively putting out into the universe that they require assistance. Law of Attraction anyone?!?

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