Thursday, October 9

Working on some financial exchanges this week. I checked with the experts and this seems to be what's going on right now in the skies. Funny, the money markets are ALL over the place lately. Up, down, around- and the Canadian Dollar is absolutely out of control... For months we have been stronger than the US buck -now as of today we are barely at 87 cents.... Dude. This is ugly... Anyone that could trade money will be coming out ahead right now for sure. Wish I had the funds NOW to invest! I was watching TV last night regarding the interest rates and prime falling; people assessing why the prime rate wasn't reduced further as in the States. I thought, though, that it made sense for the US to drop prime to encourage people to borrow. The more people borrow, the more money coming into the financial institutions, the easier they can recover. In Canada we weren't hit nearly as badly financially so does it not make sense that they wouldn't drop prime further? Our institutions are only interested in lowering their own interest rates for borrowing, not ours!!! They're still making money on us!!!! Damn Canadian banks... Love to see mortgage rates drop although I doubt this would happen.
Anyways I had to laugh. Here I am attempting to "heal" my finances right? And I'm printing out a legal size document regarding my mortgage. The only paper I have in legal size? Purple. Like amethyst, like lavender, like healing... like wow.... How appropriate!

Tony Robbins here next Wednesday. Eight hour seminar. Two hundred dollars. That's a LONG day and a LOT of money. But I have this interest in seeing Mister Banana Hands in person (that's a Shallow Hal reference, if you're wondering!!). Could be interesting and certainly he IS the motivational speaker of the century, I would argue.... But 200 bucks and 8 hours... yeesh.


Aleesha said...

$200 for 8 hours... ya that is alot... but if you gained an "aha" moment...well that is priceless!

holymotherofgod said...

Well I looked online for someone local selling their ticket and I found one for a hundred bucks! So I am going, YAY!

Anthony Robbins Fan said...

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