Sunday, August 31

Well, it was a lovely visit to BC. I literally ran around and saw as many people as I possibly could! The drive is not for the faint of heart. I happen to be DRIVEN (nyuk nyuk) in the first place and can manage to handle the 28 hour trauma of driving straight (with intermittent cat naps on the way, of course). So glad to be HOME in my own bed and in the Winnipeg summer temperatures. Today for instance... 34 degrees and sunny!! At home? Mild to cool, I would have to say. I froze my a$$ off in Cranbook at 11pm on the drive home getting gas at 7 degrees out with a chilling north wind. As expected it rained for 8 of the 10 days I was in BC. I wish somehow I could have the best of both- so where do I have to move to get that?!! Hmmm. Must think about that. Definitely love the 2 homes I now have; there are some great perks to both Canadian provinces. Maybe in November I will pine for BC a little more than right now!! *grin* Right now, it's good to be home in Friendly Manitoba (albeit minus the mountains, omnipotent pubs, the Pacific Ocean with it's huge new ferries and orcas (which I saw a few pods swimming and playing... VERY COOL), wild berries to pick, mild winters, familiar faces, White Spot and Lou's Grill... okay maybe I missed it a LITTLE bit...)
...'Til next time, British Columbia!!


Debbi said...

oh, the love of our lives. Sad when you leave it, I know! I'll live with your posts to remind me. lol

Monty said...

BC says, "See you soon. Enjoy the mosquitoes."