Wednesday, August 20

In Jamaica things are Seriously Easy Going. Life is slower, but enjoyed. Things here are Seriously Slow Going. Not used to the Gulf Island life!! Doh! Not that it helps that it's been absolutely RAINING like anything (although at this moment there is a reprieve). Figures, since Winnipeg is enjoying a fantastic, tan-inducing heat wave and here I am trapped in the usual BC liquid summer weather. Makes it tough since 99% of what there is to do here on the island is outside. Yesterday in a few hours Mom and I hit all the artsy shops, visited the one mall (I use this term loosely- it's a strip mall of about under a dozen businesses) and essentially travelled the 13 mile-big island (or at least the six mile half that is South Pender). Too bad I didn't bring my USB cord for my camera phone or I would upload the photos... There are amazing artists here to be sure. I may in fact get in touch with my own artistic side and use the abundant time I have indoors to explore my own creative abilities. What the heck... I'd say something about making hay in the sunshine but somehow the saying doesn't quite add up!

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