Tuesday, August 19

Ok, this is backwards!! I travel from Winnipeg to BC only to find out that it is COLDER HERE... Argh, with the BC weather. In the 10 days I will be here literally ONE DAY is forecasted to have sun. Ah, but it is good to be back in the cloudy, moist, lush, green, populated Mainland. Filled with familiar faces, the old stompin places and the hectic, caffeine-fueled paces!! Yes, the home of soy, tofu, coffee, hemp necklaces, dreds, surf boards, organic and anything that is sundried, chemical free and not tested on animals. It's a place where driving is both War and Art- an aggressive dance between vehicles jockeying for their rightful place on Highway One. (Super great to have out of province licence plates as it gives me the right of way a wee bit more than normally!!)
Truth be told I feel somewhat out of place in BOTH provinces. I no longer feel like I belong here, and I don't quite yet feel like I belong there! Things here are somehow not like I remember. Everything is greener, trees are taller, grass is longer and I never noticed how much MEADOW exists everywhere. I guess I just got used to seeing Winnipeg landscape for the past year...
Nice to be here, though.
Good to see you, BC... good to see you!

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