Tuesday, September 2

September 2, 2008 ... For All Signs

A Libra Moon today indicates that creating order is the focus, through pleasing interactions with others and aesthetics in our environment. Libra's influence is especially strong now, with the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all in the sign. We tend to solve problems diplomatically and tactfully now. Balancing our personal desires with those of another is likely to figure strongly now. "Paralysis by analysis" could be an issue, as the tendency to weigh all perspectives and to consider all possibilities can leave us sitting on the fence, afraid to make a definite decision. Moderating, negotiating, and compromise are themes today.

I hear this, people. So many things to do but where to start? The condo work needs to start yesterday, as much as I enjoy washing dishes in the bathroom sink or tub. I should just pick a spot in here and get going. Perhaps today I will order drywall to be delivered (since sports cars aren't exactly useful for this ...) and strip the [terrible and tacky!] wallpaper off the walls that are going to have to be repainted. I have some scrap material to get rid of but will have to purchase some tools to break it all down so it fits in our condo garbage bins. The fun part is "redesigning" the space. I have some fantabulous ideas for organizing it all as we go along. While in BC I went to IKEA and picked up some lighting and storage items. The closest IKEA here is roughly 12 hours away, sadly. Had I taken a TRUCK or VAN with me I could have purchased my kitchen cabinets, sink (which at Rona here is priced at over 400 dollars), pull-out faucet (also considerably cheaper), countertop, heck- I could have REALLY loaded up! Regardless I saved a couple hundred on the lighting alone which I comparison shopped in Winnipeg for unsuccessfully. In fact one lighting store here LAUGHED at me when I told them the cost at IKEA and stated that there was no way they would be in the same price point, let alone close in cost.

I looked everywhere when I was there for Beaver Jalapeno Mustard, which I simply cannot locate here in Manitoba. I was going to pick up a few litres of Greek Salad Dressing from the Rendezvous Restaurant but they were CLOSED! Luckily they actually MAIL you their delicious salad dressing and apparently have international fans, sending their dressing as far away as England. I did manage to get 20 pounds of fresh juicy peaches (9 bucks!) and plums in Keremeos at the Mariposa Fruit Stand which never disappoints. In Sooke I picked up my favorite homemade hot pepper jelly; in Granville Island I found some lovely pickled beans by Glenwood Preserves and in Langley I picked up some Urban Fare Jalapeno Lime spread... yum! In fact I spoke at length with a Save On Foods Manager about their growth and company expansion and various aspects of their store operations. Apparently Save On may indeed work on breaking into the Prairie markets which would be great, especially if they can bring me all these foods that I just imported!!

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Debbi said...

holy shopping batman! I haven't heard of half the crap you listed-- but that's because putting Beaver Jalapeno Mustard on ANYTHING would have me hurling. I don't eat beaver. (ROFL, no, I wasn't being dirty), I don't like hot/spicy, and mustard is yucky. LOL

HOWEVER, if Save-on DID move into the prairies, that'd be good.

Oh, I love and miss Granville Island.