Wednesday, August 13

Heading to BC this weekend for 2 weeks which will be great. I'm driving because I want to pick up some stuff when I get there, I need the freedom to move around and because it's so good to have the time to think during the drive. My poor tiny brain is saturated at this point with everything that's happened. The flood, the after-process of the flood which is on-going, then we had a death in my boyfriend's family, then some hard news with health issues in my own family... I had a few days where it really started to overwhelm me at times. I need to see scenery pass me by and connect with the thought that we are all really on a road trip in Life, aren't we?! ...A long, almost 2 day road trip where Tim Horton's becomes the only familiar constant through the whole drive LOL... ! Going to go Highway Three again. I really enjoy that drive, going through the Kootenay small towns. I tell you Fernie is probably one of THE most sexiest places in BC. Seriously.( Well wait- maybe Sicamous is... No, wait- Harrison... Gah! I can't choose...!) Regardless when I hit Fernie at about 6am I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I tried to capture the feeling with my camera as I stood in the TH parking lot, the enormity of the mountains and how small I felt but I just couldn't get it. Maybe it was just the overwhelming feeling of being HOME. MB is good and I do like it here, don't get me wrong. But I don't feel a sense of ownership or familiarity like in BC. There are no sights and sounds that remind me of anything- no memories here (which is good at the same time). Looking forward to driving the Island more this time, hitting Chemainus (one of my favoritest places on the island), Duncan, Nanaimo and Comox. So I will post a few more times before I leave this weekend and then be on hiatus sporadically posting as I am able to borrow computers!!!


Debbi said...

THose places all make me smile too. I love the drive through BC.
And I'm glad you'll have a bit of a break to enjoy life again. I'm sorry about the death, the sicknesses..

GEEZ, what is WRONG with things in our life lately!? lol We should write a book together. DaisyHalo and HolyMotherOfGod's guide to "getting through the grit" But wittier. lol

holymotherofgod said...

I think that moview was already made- wasn't that Thelma and Louise?!?

Debbi said...

well, our book would be better! ;) And secondly, DaisyHalo and Poke-It-With-A-Stick sounds SOOO much more funny! LMAO!! (I thought that was hilarious when you mentioned the mouse thing... lol)