Friday, August 8

Alright, I am back online, albeit temporarily. This is not a photo of my place, however it definitely is FEELING like this! I have partial walls (which the bottom 2 feet were cut off), cement floors, no kitchen whatsoever (all cabinets and counters removed) and one completely brick wall. The good news is I have at least this weekend with NO people trapsing through my place. Literally every day there have been anywhere from three to six people in my condo from 8am to some days 11pm. Very, very invasive process. Yes, it's necessary to remove everything to prevent mold. But omg, I really need SOME privacy at times dudes! Seriously!! And what TOTALLY blew me away today was first of all the fact that I had a small HERD of tradespeople in my place by 10am. By 1015 I had one guy mistake ME for one of THEM and was going on and on about what he was doing in other suites and was letting me know what he was doing. I just listened and when he was done I said, so what's that got to do with me? He was confused, it was hilarious. But then one dude apparently felt entitled to my FRIDGE which he (without asking) stuffed his LUNCH BAG into and MOVED ALL MY STUFF TO MAKE ROOM FOR IT!!! Um, EXCUSE ME mister worker dude, but I STILL LIVE HERE!!! ARGH!!! Now, perhaps I should be more receptive to sharing my space(?) I mean, I found it uncomfortable today when they all stopped for break about 30 minutes later and sat around chatting at my patio table set out on my porch. Maybe I should be glad they like my things... or something(?) Personally I was like, are they seriously having a little picnic at my PATIO TABLE?! While I'm here trapped like a sardine in my bedroom with my cat while several strangers make themselves at home in my place?! WTF!! Anyways this whole experience is pretty trying if not completely showing my apparently very territorial nature LOL!! Everyone's saying how fantastic it will be to "get new things" like what a deal that I "get new flooring" or essentially have this great opportunity to renovate my condo. And sure, I am thankful for this forced opportunity... Oh, for sure- and I'm not just being sarcastic either! Part of me REALLY believes that! (I think it's the same part that believes in Santy Clause) For real this is a GREAT BLESSING. It's one of this "when I look back on this" moments. Sucks when you're IN THE EXPERIENCE but will this ever be GREAT one day, oh FOR SURE...!!! I mean, I bet in October when the renovations are expected to be complete I will be glad to have a peaceful, pleasant place. Meanwhile I am entertaining myself by thinking about what I would LIKE to see in here; what kind of flooring, what kind of cabinets, what paint color, etc. Yes, yes I see how GREAT this is already!!! =)


Debbi said...

You're hilarious. All the pictures make me laugh. But the renovate my condo ones-- mmmmmm, what I'd like to see MY house look like, you summed up pretty well right there! lol

Okay, UH, SOOOO not overreacting! Who uses your fridge!?~ And why he thought that it was okay?!!!!! And then to eat at the patio table?!!! (given, where are they SUPPOSED to eat?)

At least, with this many tradespeople (nice pic of Extreme Home Makeover, there) you must be getting stuff done?! or are they like city workers, where ONE guy works and the others, uh, supervise?! lol

holymotherofgod said...

Thanks, I was trying to enjoy myself as I aired my issues LOL!!

So with where they are supposed to eat is normally outside the front door of the condo building. Since there's a whole group of them renovating 7 different suites they NORMALLY congregate outside. I was just surprised to see them hang out on my balcony!!

The number of contractors is simply due to the trades- one plumber, one electrician and 3 people to rip out drywall/ box stuff up/ yada yada. Nothing is done yet other than the DE-construction so far!! Anyways I'll post more L8R!!

~n~ said...

Stay sane! (those G.D. tradespeople - LOL :)