Monday, July 14

Well it LOOKS nice outside right now but apparently thunderstorms and chance of rain this afternoon. Tomorrow, however, 100% sun as is Thursday. Figures since I've been looking forward to a few Friday Saturdays off that the forecast for THOSE days is RAIN RAIN RAIN!!! Same thing last week and this week !!! (Not that I'm not used to rain from BC; just spoiled with daily sunshine living in Manitoba!!)
Speaking of which- why doesn't Manitoba farm sunshine?! Seriously, if it's one of the sunniest places in Canada (Medicine Hat is #1 and Estevan Saskatchewan is #2) with flat open spaces why not have solar panels everywhere?? Anyone? Anyone know why?? They farm wind here, but I've never seen acres of solar panels. The wind farms are awesome- those 3 bladed tower thingies are freakin huge. Odd against a prairie landscape to see these objects that look like they belong in a Terminator movie or something...
Lots to do this week: still ordering parts to have the car fixed, lots of preparation at work for inventory on the 26th among other tasks on my to-do list. Then the following week my sister and her kids will be here to visit for a few days - YAY! That same Monday or Tuesday is also when I have to see a notary out here to finalize the divorce (or I should say MY divorce since I am evidently paying for it in full, which makes me extremely angry. I will stop short of discussing my list of what is considered "unfair" ...) Anyhoo must get ready and put on my pants that now fit!

ps. My heart goes out to Aleesha and Kelly. Aleesha lost a good friend yesterday- I really, really feel for her and all those that are affected by this tragic loss. Kelly, I just found out, was in a horrible car accident a few weeks ago, breaking her ankle and suffering other soft tissue injuries. Having been in both these situations myself (losing someone the same way and being in two car accidents) I HATE to hear of people I love going through these situations also. But that's why we go through things is to help us undertand others and appreciate their pain when they face the same difficulties. Amen.


Debbi said...

The wind turbines are so super cool-- I know! I love them but "terminator movie' is BANG on. Hopefully the weather changes in your favour for the weekend?!

And hey, ONE step at a time-- a notary is a GOOD thing. New life, putting most of the old one to rest.


hiloui said...

Hi there, I'm a friend of Debbi's and I've sorta been creeping on your blog lately. I needed a good laugh, and you are it my dear. You are hilarious!!! Thanks for the daily giggles I get from your spunky writing talent! I've got myself a blog too, but not as creative as you or Debbi, that's for sure.