Wednesday, July 16

Never in my life have I ever heard the term PINK COLLAR WORKER. I am familiar with blue collar and white collar workers (whose payscales have perhaps reversed over the years) but not PINK or GREEN or GREY or GOLD Collar Workers. I sort of stumbled on these links this morning over coffee while doing my usual diddling around online. Funny, when I read about the Gold Collar Workers OMG I think I've hired some of those before!! TOTALLY!!! Interesting how the younger generation that choose to live at home and spend their money on BLING and yet own nothing can get coined gold collar LOL!! Word!!! HA! Who knew they had a label (but what doesn't these days ...) Anyhoo, what started the whole stumbling process was my quest to look up the oil field jobs online and what they pay. Seriously, how does Alberta manage to retain ANY jobs at ALL in the retail and hospitality sectors (or ANY other areas) when you can wander out onto the oil rigs and get 100 grand a year? I honestly don't know. Not anyone can (or will, or is qualified to) work in that dangerous and isolated environment hence the pay. And hence "pink collar jobs" (like receptionists, hairstylists, florists, maids, waitresses) being paid less as they require less training- increasing the number of qualified applicants and reducing the pay. I recall in highschool them ranting about how trades were the way to go, but just couldn't visualize myself as a plumber, what with owning such a petite and svelte little butt crack at the time... (*grin*)

So the Next Generation is coming to visit YAY! Actually the whole herd of nephews and niece are out in full force in a few weeks here, which will be great. We have Milan here on the left, Mischa here - both my brother Darren's and GF Sandy's kids who are visiting from the Cayman Islands in August. And sister Nicole from just outside Sooke BC (actually French Beach if you know where that is) is bringing her kids Richie and Adala who of course I don't have an uploaded photo of.. (I'll find one and edit this post) But SO excited to see them all! So weird how as an adult a year or two can fly by and you sorta shrug it off. Then you see a child GROW in 2 years and you realize how much can HAPPEN in that time... Gonna be a great trip home this year....just a few more weeks!

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I am SURE your butt was VERY svelte! ;)