Friday, July 11

Sometimes I miss things that Presurfer posts, but I have no idea how I missed his Bulletproof Baby post. Omg. Then he shows the rash that is known as Walmart developing across North American, check this out... Ack! On a more pleasant note if you look today you'll see the bear scratch which is more humorous than horrifying.
Crappy forecast this weekend- funnel clouds over Alberta, hail and thunderstorms in Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba... *groan* Seven day forecast calls for the same next Friday Saturday although Sunday Monday are expected to be super nice. Might be a "raincheck" on the fishing trip ?!

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Debbi said...

OKAY!! WTF!!!? I'm sure that's a joke-- bulletproof baby!!!? Do they actually SELL that crap-- worse, do people actually buy it!? What kind of parents are putting their baby in the way of bullets on purpose enough to warrant said equiptment! HOW RECOCKULOUS!!!!!!