Thursday, July 10

Tomorrow I think this is where I'm going; Whiteshell. It's FISHING TIME! WOOT! I always thought I wouldn't enjoy fishing. Since I've been river fishing and ice fishing I discovered I LOVE IT! Who knew!! In the river there are catfish. The one I caught last summer was about 7 inches long or something. I think when we went ice fishing there were pike or something. Anyways it's just an overnight trip and I'm really looking forward to it!

Note to self: sunblock and bugspray!

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Raw Mom - Raw Love said...

empty your inbox so I can email ya!!! Here's the message I was trying to send:

Oh girl that is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on... come on... you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember, the more raw you add, the more weight you will release without trying to. It'll just melt off. So... if you are hungry... think about how much of that meal or snack can be raw!

Raw Mom - Raw Love said...

oops i posted under the wrong username LOL it's aleesha by the way!