Wednesday, July 9

Little worn out... I've been getting up, heading to the car insurance adjuster appointments the last few days, running errands, returning briefly home and minutes later heading to work to do some prep work for inventory which is in 17 days. I still have to take the car in to the repair shop this morning and arrange for a rental while parts are being ordered etc. I suspect it will take some time to fix since it's not a commonplace vehicle and its a 1992.

I was driving home last night trying to focus myself on playing the Glad Game. I guess the good things are that Autopac is a painless system, the car didn't get completely stolen or suffer irreparable damage, nobody got maimed, I got a lovely new phone and in one month I'm on vacation =)
Good things!
HA! That makes me smile...

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Debbi said...

Hey-- you know this type of stuff-
what link on your page tells me what characteristics a Scorpio has?