Thursday, July 3

Vampires Among Us
Yes, I mean mosquitos. They are proliferous. And ubiquitous. Omnipresent. They're everywhere!!!! Ack! I lay in bed last night and I was almost there- right in that deep, hazy non-coherent almost asleep mode. Completely comfortable and snuggled in with my favorite bodypillow. Then I felt the itch. And I scratched it. My eyes fluttered and weakly opened. To my horror I spotted the absolute TUMOR that had erupted on my skin from a MOSQUITO BITE!!! OMG!!! Well, shit, then I'm awake and if every inch of my skin didn't suddenly crawl and itch simultaneously!! I think every two hours I woke up with itches and cratches, feeling the creepy crawlies all night long!! Gah! I need a team of Mosquito Hunters.
I've decided in Winnipeg you have 2 concerns about being outdoors at this time- sunburn or mosquito bites. Having now succumbed to both, I have decided sunburn is my favorite and I will accept it in order to participate in anything outside! At least a minor sunburn leaves a tan afterwards (let's call it nature's skin peel) as opposed to itchy welts ... Course then I have to choose between West Nile Virus and skin cancer... Hmmm... maybe I should stay inside for the summer and remain pasty white.

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Debbi said...

I tell ya, skin cancer is way underrated. Get brown. It's the cool thing to do now, everyone's doing it. ;)