Wednesday, July 2

Last night somehow I got sucked into watching Turner Entertainment, and the 1939 movie "The Women". I love black and whites (note that this movie had a "fashion show" segment in it completely in color). 1939 was such a great year in movies- color in movies was fairly new (like Wizard of Oz and Gone With The Wind) . Amazing leaps in technology in the 30s - sound in film, color in film and suddenly SUPERSTARS on film like Joan Crawford, Norma Shearer and Rosalind Russell. Now, there are a multitude of reasons I loved this flick. First- in the 30s... WOMEN WEARING PANTS. How startling!! Not common practice quite yet in the late 30s. In the 40s when they entered the workforce for the World War, yes- this was more common. (Sidenote: did you know the number of married women in the workforce increased 50% between 1930 and 1940?) But here they are in movies in 1939 with neck scarves and blazers wearing "man clothes"? This was new and bold! Daring, even! So this movie is about a group of women getting divorces and discussing a woman's role in marriage. Do we tolerate affairs? Do we leave him? Are we liberated, equal women with our partners? Ultimately, Mrs. Stephen Haines decides, while in a conversation with her mother who urges her to be sensible and stick her head in the sand, NO- I will not tolerate this and I'm leaving for Reno to get a divorce. Next thing you know, half her girlfriends are with her doing the same thing as they, too, discover their husbands to be cheating bastards!

Made me laugh this morning as I read Spiritual Business over coffee. Evidently the New Moon today is in Cancer - hello, DRAMA !!!! LOL..!! Cancer and the moon (Cancer's ruler is the moon, fyi) are explained as feminine energy, intuition and care-giving which makes me smile having watched this essentially feminist movie last night about women, their power, their role and their emotional lives. Today, Jupiter in Capricorn asks for a willingness to see the reality and deeper meaning of a relationship. Venus, Sun and Moon in Cancer ask us to assess our own emotional agendas. Saturn in Virgo adds the energy of the archetypal father to this New Moon. Cancer represents the archetypal nurturing Mother. This New Moon asks us to be cautious and careful in our interactions, have compassion with our Selves and others.

Have a great day, drama-free!!

ps.. Regarding the Google logo yesterday for Canada Day... Some drama: in case you don't have your own borrow this. The post from Globe and Mail was nice. The comments - unnecessary. There's no need to be like that. It's a holiday. It's to be celebrated, that's all. No need for sarcasm people.

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