Friday, July 4

Although this is just a graphic I found online and aren't my exact personal debts I fully appreciate the sentiment. It's been a costly last 18 months between selling the house, moving out & in with a friend, putting everything into storage then moving again across the country. Gas is at an all time high at the pump (what is it, a buck 33 a liter?) and man, I am seeing red. Tough gig, man...

UPDATE: Speaking of tough gigs and seeing red in the ANGRY sense, my car got completely vandalized today at work. I wasn't there more than 40 minutes and some asshole broke in to it and another co-worker's car. They attempted to steal my stereo/dvd player which of course was installed well and is bolted in. Made a quick attempt to pull down my back seat and check for speakers but found the same problem: everything hard mounted. This is the ninth issue this year of vehicles either being vandalized or completely stolen from the parking lot. My deck is broken, my dash ripped apart, the glove box doesn't close and my passenger window is shattered. Good news is I see an adjuster Monday to get it fixed. I just don't understand why people need to entertain themselves by vandalizing property. Karma will definitely bite them in the ass one day.

So am I nuts?! It is July 4th right? Does (the USA site) not have a holiday logo either?! Maybe I can't see it.. Not to beat a dead horse just that they normally celebrate these kinds of things! Odd... guess everyone's on holidays this week or something.

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