Friday, June 13

Seen a few movies lately ! I watched Don't Mess With The Zohan, because I really enjoy Adam Sandler movies. (In truth I'm a bigger fan of Ben Stiller which is why I probably will watch his new movie coming soon Tropic Thunder, August this year) Yeah, Zohan was okay... so, so many sex jokes. I was actually amazed at the number of little kids in the audience. As a parent I think knowing the premise of the movie I wouldn't introduce my kids to excessive groin shots and sex with local grandmas in hair salons. But wudev...

Also saw Kung Fu Panda, which was pretty hilarious and AMAZING computer graphics. Makes you wonder just how much more can computer graphics evolve, when they are as realistic as they are already ? Very cool... The jokes were really great and very evidently Jack Black, who's humor I really appreciate. He is the eptiome of Bodacity ... (never heard that word before this movie LOL )

Looking forward this month to some action with WANTED. I'm not usually a huge action movie seeker- I typically enjoy my comedies more than anything. But this one looks like a really good show with some terrific stunts. It's nice to go once a week to a movie, though, and have a good laugh. Good times !

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