Wednesday, June 11

What, it's been a week already since my last post?
Holy Moly !

So, where are we. Personally, I am on a cleansing detox program (Day Six) and doing very well on it. I've noticed my energy levels returning, my stomach is a little flatter, my appetite is really reduced and my cravings. And wow, can I ever drink water- I think I polished off almost 4 litres yesterday throughout the day ! Also been walking every single day about 4 kilometres, which I hope to graduate to 5km by walking a little further, just another block every day. This is a very easy 60 (or 90) day program- I've chosen to do the 60 day based on my needs. It consists of probiotics and fiber, and I've taken this opportunity to change my eating habits to complement this program. I wish I were able to dive into more aggressive changes but I find it more comfortable to take smaller more manageable steps. I rationalize this by thinking if this program takes 60 days, and I walk every day for 60 days, and I eat the same way for 60 days then this should become habit and second nature and benefit me for much longer. And with regards to the walking I know I can continue to walk for the rest of my life; it's exercise I can do at 35 or 85. This time of year the scenery and weather are beautiful, although admittedly today is slightly overcast- no sun, no moon...

We're at a Waxing Gibbous Moon today, 60% of full- next Monday is a Full Moon, the Strawberry Moon or Rose Moon. "This full moon is going through the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a sign of enthusiasm and optimism. It’s a reunion of the physical and spiritual union in the search for knowledge. Sagittarius loves to travel, and this Sagittarius Moon wants you to enjoy the journey of your existence. This is a great time for going to new places to discover more about yourself. Get away from your Ipods. Turn off your TV. There’s a wonderful world out there just waiting to explore.
Try getting in touch with yourself through nature."
So go for a walk ! I like the moon...

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Logan said...

wow that cleansing detox program seems to be really working for you. :) good for you! :D

I really wanted to try it but perhaps my brain or my body (or both) just can't handle it yet.