Wednesday, June 25

Okay so back in the day I used to wear one of these buttons. I was an Herbalife Distributor. I did this on and off for about 6 years. I will say that yes, they are good products. And yes, proper absorption of good nutrients is a key part of being healthy. However the downside to Herbalife systems are (a) the cost. These are very costly programs as many weight loss programs are, whether they be Jenny Craig, or Nutri System, or Herbal Magic or whatever. Then we have (b) the fact that they give false hope. These products claim to cure illnesses, or let you eat whatever you like and still lose weight, yada yada. Does this teach you proper eating? Does this correct what got you obese in the first place? Does this create a new healthier pattern going forward? Nope. In fact the traditional Herbalife systems include weight loss shakes (which I lived on for a few years while modelling way back in the day) for 2 meals a day while ingesting a fistful of vitamin horsepills to encourage proper absorption and fiber intake. Lastly I will complain about (c) which is the business aspect of it. You are motivated to become a distributor because in order to afford the program you will want a discount. You get 25% off by becoming a distributor which earns your upline 25% on whatever product they sell you for you to resell. In fact if you buy LOTS of product (say, $1000 - $2000) you will qualify for 42- 50% discounts on items. Sometimes they ask you for a list of your family and friends and then have you call all of them to market the products to them to "start your business". No ifs, ands or buts- Herbalife is Multi Level Marketing and Sales. I will admit that I did well at this business for short periods of time. My success, however, was dependant completely on who I signed up "below me", how well they did, and if I could possibly continue a decent sales pace each and every month.

My advice, personally, to anyone seeking to lose weight is to steadily increase your exercise to constantly challenge yourself, drink lots of water and eat healthy, well balanced meals. Period. Take it from someone who knows. No shakes, no tablets, no bullshit and no gimmicks to lose weight over 6 weeks with the chance of winning weekly prizes. That's called fishing for business.

Nice try, Herbalife. I see you.

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