Wednesday, June 25

Beautiful day to get a sunburn! Been hosing myself down with that Aloe spray ever since I got home this afternoon!! Thanks to Tara for having me out to her little piece of paradise on the lake, though, I totally enjoyed myself. It's a tough gig to get me to sit still and relax!!! I took my camera, of course, and got loads of shots of her place and all the great things about it. Which includes her multiple animal friends who accompany her there all the time! Certainly is a gorgeous spot- quiet, unspoiled and amazingly vast water. The beach is absolutely full of clam shells and visited regularly by pelicans which inhabit the area, oddly enough. At least I found it odd when I got here last year. I thought Pelicans were from the warmer states in the South; it's not a bird that hangs out in Manitoba.. is it?! What the hell!

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Debbi said...

Okay, totally odd you mention the pellicans--
Down at fish creek park on a walk with my gfs and we saw SIX, yes, SIX pelicans on the river, floating!! Seriuosly, we just sat there, dumbfounded.