Wednesday, May 21

Horoscopes are always different depending on what site you visit ! I know this is partly due to the interpretation of the astrologer, but sometimes they are SO different it drives me nuts. One site says things suck and another site says "This is an exciting, wonderfully liberating time for you!"... I'd love to learn enough about Astrology to read my own chart (or maybe I should just invest in one that is made specifically for my birthdate and time). I always read Aries (my sun sign) and Gemini (my rising sign) to get the gyst of how the day might go. Sounds like tomorrow has the potential to be a bit of a drag, with a splattering of criticism and poopy negativity. However nothing grows to its full potential without water and fertlizer so hey, let's invite tomorrow regardless of what it brings and welcome any splatterings that may come =)

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Debbi said...

LOL "nothing grows to it's full potential without water and fertilizer". Whoo-- gives a crap-face like me a bit of hope! LOL