Tuesday, May 20

Change is a foot.
Nyuk nyuk.
Seriously though, there is the odiferous smell of something underfoot.... Might be that Mercury is about to go retrograde next Monday, meaning things are about to go a little crazy again. Get your bills paid, your car fixed, check your cell phone batteries, those kinds of things this week so you can [hopefully] reduce the number of surprises next week. I was actually contemplating beginning WRITING and some introspective journalling this week, which actually MAY be good timing with Mercury going retro. It's actually a great time for reflection, digging into the past, reviewing, contemplating, finishing up paper work that you haven't had time to get to, organize the closet, backup your computer ... yada yada.

Since it lasts til June 19 (with possible after-effects as late as June 24th) it's a great time to get into this kind of work for the next month. You might also find that people from your past pop up out of nowhere. Maybe old childhood issues come up or something you thought you lost reappears !! This particular Mercury retro occurs in Gemini (ruler of communication- and my rising sign) which could mean messed up communications, misunderstandings, delays in travel and missed appointments ...Possibly felt more by other mutable signs like Pisces, Virgos and Sagittarians (sorry guys!!). Neptune also goes retro at the same time which is interesting and again very opportunistic for my journalling. This planet going retro allows another opportunity to connect with spirituality, a time to distinguish between true vision and self-deception, self analysis.

Remember we sometimes feel the effects of a Mercury retrograde early so this could occur roughly Wednesday onwards as Mercury slows and appears to reverse in the zodiac. So just relax; everything will be fine !! Focus on old news, finishing, and walk backwards to your car...

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hitchhiker72 said...

Hey Holy,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your comment about Neptune rx stuck in my head and wouldn't let go until I got it out, so I've posted something about it now...