Monday, May 26

Ah, yes, we are indeed retrograding. Let's see: it started last Thursday for me. (Is it worse for me since I'm Aries with Gemini rising?! Am I screwed more ?!?!? Mercury rules Gemini ... hmmm ) Anyhoo, I had Tuesday and Wednesday off from work. I got to work Thursday after lunch (late shift- LOVE them... I'd much rather work late than early...) only to read my emails stating that everything I had previously planned for Saturday was not going to happen. I had planned a carnival of sorts for Children's Hospital- a fire safety house for kids to check out, McD's was supposed to be there with their inflatable kids soccer net and basketball hoop as well as recognizable characters... Sadly, the emails said, "sorry for the confusion but they were unable to participate" after confirming with them just 10 days ago. So all I had was a firetruck for one hour with which we could take kid's photos as they sat in the truck and see our mascot, Doctor Goodbear. I considered for a moment attempting to "rescue" (nyuk nyuk) this party from going down in flames. But, schyah, gonna happen... Not so much ! So I threw in the towel and opted to just go with what I had left. Only another 6 days of the campaign left and then it's over. I think next year, now that we know what works and what doesn't, and if we get ourselves STARTED earlier on the plans, we have the potential to have a much more successful venture.

Que sera, sera !!!

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Welcome back!