Tuesday, April 8

A few new things already this week following the New Moon... First, we picked out Little Pepper (left) on the weekend at the Humane Society. She was one of 14 cats they received from one residence... Needless to say she will need some attention to get her health 100%. No major problems, just ear mites and low body weight, some congestion and generally lacking human contact in the 8 weeks she has been alive. She's amazingly affectioniate. My older cat Bob is somewhat apprehensive about this new addition and has needed constant reassuring. He's been wandering around muttering to himself and looking at her with complete disdain !
Poor Mister Bob. You're still Number One !

Another new thing is the juicer. Who KNEW how amazing juices could be when they're FRESH ! First thing I attempted was apple juice which was AMAZING. It took 2 juicy Macintosh apples to make one cup of juice. Then for the first time in my life I had fresh carrot juice.... Wow. Now one thing DID cross my mind about people who LIVE by juice feasting... How much must it COST to live by simply juice feasting? One single carrot will give you quite a bit of juice and carrots in bulk are relatively cheap (she said, knowing the wholesale market quite well). But it takes quite a lot of vegetables and fruits to make daily juice feasts. I can imagine this must cost quite a bit, so I wonder how people make this more feasible? Especially using organic vegetables, which I regularly try to purchase (given the option). Of course the sad truth of it is that junk and crap foods will always cost less to produce and therefore to purchase. I presume in areas where temperatures are more moderate and farmed produce more readily available that juicing as a lifestyle would be ideal (say Arizona or California). Still something that CAN be done anywhere, just the availability and cost of produce would have to be a consideration.

I also got 2 new fillings worked on today, and 3 needles to the face. Not so much fun, but the dentist is a super nice guy (who bears an incredible resemblance to Ben from LOST... my favoritest show EVERrrrr). Luckily he also is a TMJD dentist, meaning he is trained in working on people such as myself with jaw malocclusion (I think that's right?) and knows how to make splints and appliances to correct these issues. Super duper ! As soon as my face defrosts I will smile about it...

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Aleesha said...

You are forgetting... when you Juice Feast you don't eat any of the other foods you normally consume! So it's really not that expensive when you cut out everything else! :) love, Aleesha