Wednesday, April 9

Weird dreams lately, which is pretty normal for me.... This past week, though, I have had some crazy ones. And before you read these YES I AM 100% SOBER AND NORMAL !!! People who read or hear about my dreams wonder if I have a psychiatrist and medication, but I assure you these have been part of my Life since birth!! And I enjoy them, as crazy and bizarre as they may well be !!!

Let's start with The Bus Dream. I believe it was last weekend that I recieved this one. All I remember from it now was that I was on a school bus with a Punjabi driver. I think I was a few seats back, but standing in the aisle of the bus. I started talking to the driver while he was driving, telling him I knew some Punjabi which started a conversation. I said nothing more, as he took the conversation over. He began driving with his head turned sideways, much more involved in his conversation than what he was doing. We drove down a road towards an intersection, and started slowing for a red light that was coming up in a few feet. But at the red light was a crowd of probably a dozen people standing on the road, all facing the red light. I watched, frozen, as the bus driver- still chatting and not looking ahead- slowly mowed down the crowd of people. I was totally stunned and I don't recall any noise from the crowd although I do remember the bus bumping over someone.... He rounded the corner, and kept driving up the road to find a spot to turn the bus around, still talking. I heard sirens, looked back down the road and saw ambulances and emergency vehicles. By the time the bus returned to the scene of the crime the last person (which looked a lot like a mannequin lower half, rather than a human person) was being loaded (very impersonally, like it was a suitcase) into an ambulance. Very weird dream. Anyways my dreams are always like this. Apparently I feel like I am witness to, or perhaps partially responsible for, bulldozing through a group of people. Note to self, note to self..... Sometimes Aries do have a tendency to passionately drive things home, and perhaps on occasion bulldoze people on their mission. Duly Noted, and thank you Psyche, I will be sure to NOT mow people over....!!!! Likewise don't distract people from what THEY are doing. Let them drive their bus, but holymotherofgod, help them see what they're doing with effective direction.

Dream Number Two: The Dragonfly Snake. I'm driving up this mountain highway at dusk and this car is apparently following me. I can clearly see his headlights in my mirror and I know he's been there for a while. Luckily I see a road off the highway just ahead and quickly pull up it to throw him off my trail. I drive up it and watch my rear view mirror and I see that it works! He continues up the highway and is off my tail. Relief! At the crest of the road I am driving up I see a large camping group. Curious, I stop to check out what everyone is doing. They have a small fire going and are roasting marshmallows. Hovering over the fire area are large dragonflies. At closer inspection I see one of them is really large, his body is actually very snake-like. He has a straight but scaled body with Dragonfly wings and a definite snake head. A man at the fire literally reaches up and picks it out of the air. He snaps its fangs off, pockets the teeth and pours some sort of healing ointment into its mouth to heal its wounds. He carefully releases it back and it flies off relatively unharmed (although toothless!!!) Taking the teeth from his pocket he puts some sort of white dough, or gum-like (?marshmallow?)substance inside the tooth and hands it to me. First, I notice that the tooth isn't a fang at all but a molar. I look at him inquisitively and ask, "Am I supposed to eat this or something?" That's all I remember- I woke up and lay there digesting this information. One thing I CAN explain from this dream are the meanings of Dragonfly and Snake (as totem animals). I knew immediately that Snake was telling me about transformation, transition and healing. Those things (respresented by the car in my rear view mirror) that have been chasing me are gone. This is a harmless and healing message, hence the teeth pulled and healing the open wounds then being released to go on. Perhaps what I need to do with that molar is chew over this information LOL !!!! Note that the herb marshmallow is itself a healing plant, used to heal sore throats, chapped skin and minor wounds. Interesting choice in my dream.

Okay last dream, this was 2 nights ago :The Icy Bridge. It was very dark, snowing and icy. I was in a vehicle with my family, driving across an old wooden plank bridge. Halfway across the bridge it gave way and the vehicle plunged into the river below which was covered in a thick plate of ice. My parents somehow managed to get out of the vehicle and get up out of the river to safety. I freed myself from my back seat, struggled under the water against the ice looking for the hole to get myself free. I finally find it and rescue myself, climbing up the embankment- but I only see my parents. I ask, where are my sister and brother? Realizing they aren't here I go back in to get them and I manage to rescue my sister- my brother managed to get himself out. Funny thing is, when I woke up my condo was pretty cold ! I always find it neat when we "translate" our conscious life into subconscious metaphors and pictures; dreams absolutely fascinate me.

I promise I really am a mostly normal person; just a creative individual with a fertile mind ..
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LOVE the dragonfly one-- your insight into why it is what it is, totally a cool thing!