Monday, April 7

I have to admit to being a meat eater. I eat an amazing amount of meat, which is why my diet has largely consisted of Atkins foods over the years. This has been a pro and con experience. Pro, because if you stick to a carbohyrate reduced diet it is amazingly successful for weight loss. You have the benefit of being able to eat copious amounts of fat and STILL lose weight. The bad news is if deviate from it even the slightest amount your blood sugar and serotonin levels can be compromised, which means you can binge, bloat and thus begins the cycle of yo yo dieting. My sister, on the flip side, is vegan. VEGANISM in dietary terms refers to the practice of dispensing with *all* animal products - including meat, fish, poultry, eggs, animal milks, honey, and their derivatives. So she eats things like tofu and lentils, those green smoothies and kale, etc.... Between that and rowing every day on her rowing machine she's lost I don't even know how much weight- I'd guess over 80 pounds.
My friend Aleesha has completely transformed her life by altering her vegan lifestyle to a totally RAW vegan lifestyle (as well as juice feasting) and had incredible, life changing results. Now, I have looked up other before and afters of people who have made this life change with the raw diet. So why raw?
I suspect if I seriously want to change I would have to take baby steps, first becoming a Pescetarian (which is similar to VEGETARIAN, but also consumes fish...) Then work in more raw foods, decrease and eliminate fish.... I see there are a few ways to do raw: vegan (fruit, vegetables, sprouts, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes) or vegetarian (same foods PLUS eggs, dairy and honey). I'll have to learn more about it all.. The fact is I need to make some healthier changes in my life to release the bad habits I have acquired.


Anonymous said...

Aaaahmen. I'm in the same boat.

Glad to see you blogging again!

Aleesha said...

I know how to do it... you simple DO IT!!! You make the decision and you go for it. LOL Seriously Char, try raw for 30 days... after that if you want to eat cooked foods again, go for it... chances are, you are going to be feeling so great, so healthy, so light... so happy... you aren't going to want to poison your body with cooked/dead foods anymore. You'll be craving live foods!!! I'm here to help ya. love, Aleesha

Raw Baby Alex said...

A 30-day Raw Food Challenge. You will love it and love yourself as well.
Some like to gradually alter their meals to go Raw and others, like myslef jump right in with both feet and never look back.
Come on, GO RAW!!

Raw Love