Thursday, December 26

The New Year Approaches

My mind wanders towards resolutions...
I just uploaded a ton of Ela videos to my youtube account finally, something I have intended to do for months. I also wrote 3 pages in her baby journal tonite after not writing in there since August. 
Recently I find myself wanting more "order"- more structure, things where they belong, clear plans, clear direction, less confusion. When I lack this either at home or work I feel easily distracted. Like I go in too many directions at once. Here are some things I feel I would like to consider:
I would like to begin anew and really consider "scheduling" myself. Making a livable time table to make best use of my time every day. 
Earlier to bed. Earlier up. 
List my tasks. Finish them in a timely manner before starting a new one.
Read library books each month. Take 2 out & read them fully. 
Every payday go to the beauty school for a $20 facial. Just because. For me.
Make my health a PRIORITY.
Make creativity a priority.
That's pretty well it. I'll make a vision board to "cement" these, as I find that helps affirm my ideas. All are doable. 

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