Saturday, December 21

How do we all manage to survive toddlerhood!? 
Such a curious time. 
This is how Ela views life at 18months old & the rules she lives by.
Taste & eat everything. 
Dirt is yummy. 
Laundry soap smells good on my hair.
Books are for ripping apart, not reading.
Cat litter is my sandbox.
Tablecloths belong on the floor. 
Everything should be thrown.
Faces should be slapped or poked.
What I eat today I will hate tomorrow.
My rubber ducky belongs in the toilet. 
I am allergic to bedtime and learning to master the art of going boneless & temper tantrums.
I love helping mommy & daddy find the scissors they left out.
Mommys purse contents are awesome.
My kisses & smiles make mommy and daddy happy and powerless to stay mad.
I love everyone & everything; my only real purpose is to share my love and make people smile.

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