Sunday, July 1

happy canada day...!

Happy Canada Day! Hard to really believe that it is July with the cooler weather we have had on the West Coast this year. It's been really quite poor, and certainly not a summer for us, and yet the rest of North America seems to be practically on FIRE (or literally!?) with the high temps. Middle and Eastern Canada are feeling summer temperatures- Alberta and British Columbia are getting hailed on, rained on and clouded over. The meteorologists coined the phrase JUNE-UARY to describe our weather here last month. Poor, at best.
Hopefully we get our typical "Indian Summer" where temperatures pickup in August into September- it would be great to get some heat here and head to the beach with the baby.
Baby is finally growing, now that she is in her third week here on "The Outside".... Her first two weeks she spent working at getting her birth weight back. Now we are about 3/4 of a pound over birth weight which is great. Huge gains this week, to our relief. Being a small baby (six pounds) we want to see her fatten up and grow! Of course anyone who is a parent knows that if you have more food going in, it must come out, which means mom is in a whole pile of poop. In fact I better go and do my duty, since I believe my little girl just did her doody....

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