Sunday, July 29

Apparently our baby has experienced (and is currently in) growth spurts! Around 10 days ago or so she was eating like she was starving. I thought it was me... I figured I wasn't giving her enough milk(?) since my supply was noticably waning. But here we are again, with decent supply, regular feedings, and yet she is eating and eating and EATING huge amounts of formula with seemingly no end in sight. She screams like someone is knifing her in the belly if you take her food away, even if just to wipe her chin while she is eating! At the doctors the other day she now measures 8lbs 2 oz which is a full 2 pounds over where she was as of July 9th when she was 7lbs 3oz (I think? I need to confirm the ounces on this midwife visit...) Now that I look back at her previous recorded weights (July 4 was 6lbs 13oz) I can truly see that yes, she was in a growth spurt there at the 3 week point and at our 6 week point (now) we are there again. Makes sense!
Little unnerving not knowing these things- the balding, the growth spurt feeding frenzy, much like the coma-like sleep in the initial weeks that I also didn't know about. Quite an enlightening experience, this parenthood! But good to know she's ok and normal and growing, rather than under nourished and colicky. I much prefer the other news...!!!
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