Monday, June 18


June 11 at 12:0pm we became parents!
Our beautiful little daughter was born, c-section, full head of brown hair and sharp little dark eyes. She is a tiny baby- born at just 6 lbs measuring 18.5 inches long. In the week since birth she has lost a substantial amount of weight. She dropped (at her lowest) to 5lbs 5oz but has climbed in recent days up to 5lbs 9oz. We are feeding her every 2 hours to try to get her weight up which is a little draining for all of us! She is otherwise perfectly healthy- shiny bright eyes that follow everything around her, big little feet and hands(!) that we jokingly say predict her future height.
We are so happy to start this new path~ it's such an amazingly great overwhelming week that just passed..! So many great moments to come...


Aleesha Sattva said...

Can't even begin to say how happy I am for you (((hugs)))

Aleesha Sattva said...

oh and I have a new public blog: