Saturday, April 14

Officially yesterday we completed -after 13 full months of being here, and 7 times trying- our house purchase AND possession. We officially got the keys on 04/12/12 and I moved here 03/12/11. Something perhaps lucky about the date being the 12th? I dunno...!
It's a small house; only 700 sq ft, but it has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. Fairly open in design which seems to help it feel larger than its footprint. It sits on a half acre parcel with a detached huge 24x30 workshop Man Cave in the rear of the property. Currently much of the property is invaded by either blackberry vines or English Ivy, and certainly has a healthy dose of crab grass. The yard itself is lumpy and uneven but nothing hours of healthy gardening and an eventual backhoe rental cannot cure. We are walking distance to the river and excellent salmon fishing, and a 15 minute scenic walk across the old highway to the ocean beach. A short drive south provides us with the island racetrack, a mini golf family experience, more than a few convenience stores and a variety of other home based or small rural businesses. It's 20 minutes out from "The City" which is both close enough and far enough for what I envisioned for my family. Here is the slideshow of what we have purchased.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations , I'm so happy for you ! Its sounds fantastic and what we are all looking for . A home something to call our own. Here is to new beginnings, Am so excited to see
your new house.
Much Love,